Tasteful in Teal: Teal Accessories for Living Rooms

Teal Living Room Accessories

Our stylists are big fans of teal. A calming, classy colour, its paler hues can bring an air of relaxation to living space and bedrooms, while stronger shades can make lively accents to add some grown-up excitement to a living room.

Let’s look at some of the best ways to incorporate teal into your home and share some of our favourite teal accessories for living rooms!

Turquoise is Teal?

The actual colour teal was inspired from the common teal duck whose eyes are lined with this shade! Often confused with turquoise, to differentiate the colours remember that teal is a deeper, moodier shade compared to turquoise which is a lighter, sunnier colour.

Why Teal?

The fantastic thing about this unique mixture of blue and green is that it is a strong, bold colour that can recreate the feel of the beautiful tropical Mediterranean Sea! It is a warmer take on your standard blue which can be quite a cold shade a living space.

Used in the correct way, this timeless shade with a rich undertone can radiate relaxation and positive energy making it ideal bedrooms and living rooms. Alternatively, with grey undertones it can be a perfect accent colour in a contemporary home.  

How to Incorporate Teal into Your Space

Having a feature wall is a big statement way to incorporate this colour into your room. This can be anchored using various teal accents around your space to enhance that aqua glow. However, you don’t need to have a block shade of teal to add depth and warmth into a space, furnishings and accents work perfectly too.

For a subtler way to introduce this luxurious colour, embellish your space through smaller accents like designer vases, modern cushions and clocks. A contemporary rug is also a beautiful way to add some teal coloured texture into your space.

Our Favourite Teal Colour Pairings

Teal and white is a great combination for a modern, clean contemporary design. Painting doorframes, cornicing and windowsills in a bright white is a lovely juxtaposition to help often missed features have a little bit of the limelight!

Teal and gold is a blend that boasts a classic, traditional and luxurious look. There is just something so luxurious about this pairing that you can’t help but feel you are in a Moroccan palace. A beautiful golden framed mirror or lamps can give your room a burst of tropical paradise!

Have a feel for teal now? Browse our range of teal accessories for living rooms and bedrooms!

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