Style at Boiling Point: Cool and Unusual Kettles

Unusual kettles: steel straight kettle next to coffee mug and spoon

We’ve come a long way from a whistling kettle on a gas stove that signalled that it was time to pour a cuppa.

No kitchen is complete without a kettle, but that doesn’t mean they all have to be the same. In recent years kettles have become one of the most versatile kitchen utensils, giving newfound freedom to those who weight style and function equally.

Today, we’ve brought our love of tea and affordable designer furniture into one mighty blog post, showcasing the most unusual and unique kettles our stylists have sourced from across the UK’s top suppliers.

So, what are your options when it comes to the perfect brew?


Lime greens, bright oranges or muted mints and calming blues. Today’s designer kettles aren’t restricted to the unsightly heavy metal frames that they once were. Technology has enabled stylists and homeowners to find plastic and stainless-steel kettles in whichever colour matches their eclectic tastes. But it isn’t just colour that is giving stylists newfound control over their interiors. Geometric shapes and other quirky patterns and details offer opportunities to match a kettle to the exact style of the room.

Whether you’re opting for minimalist themes that need clean, discreet appearances or bold era styles that demand more vibrant colours and patterns, there’s a kettle for you.


The distinctive shape of a kettle is almost universal, with similar designs appearing in different cultures for thousands of years. But, that could be set to change. Some new kettles are almost unrecognisable to the iconic designs that we’re so accustomed to. Rectangular, perfectly cylindrical, and even triangular kettles are available in 2018, giving you control over how you brew, without changing the taste.


But… if you did want to improve the taste of your tea or coffee, that’s possible too.

We aren’t all lucky enough to live in areas with perfectly clean water. In fact, most people in the UK are affected by limescale or hard water that can build over time at the bottom of a kettle and gradually change the taste of your cuppa. It’s only once you buy a new kettle or clean your existing kettle (if it isn’t too tricky) that you realise just how much limescale can affect the taste of your favourite brew. There’s no need to suffer!  Kettles are now available with removable limescale filters so it’s easy to remove build up and every mug is as good as the last.

Increased Capacity, Cordless Features

New kettles boast additional benefits like increased capacities and cordless features to ensure that whoever draws the short straw can pour a cuppa for the whole family as far away as the next room! There’s no longer any need to make several tea runs, frantically moving back and forth between rooms, spilling boiling water on the new carpet. Simply bring the kettle with you and let the drinks brew right there on the coffee table.


There’s nothing worse than thinking there’s enough left in the kettle to brew another cup of tea after a long hard day, only to find that the dregs won’t even fill half a mug! New kettles can be bought with transparent frames, so you always know how much you have left.

Now you’ve got a nice hot brew, get some inspiration of where you could be drinking it with our stylists’ modern lounge ideas.

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Bosch TWK86103GB STYLINE Sensor Kettle in Black Gloss

Bosch TWK86103GB STYLINE Sensor Kettle in Black Gloss

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