Grand Designs: Richmond’s ‘Sheer Joy & Luxury’

Grand Designs 2018 - Richmond - Feminine Industrial 651x322

Aloha Grand Design fans and welcome to the third instalment of our blog series eagerly following Kevin McCloud and this season’s batch of ambitious property builders and renovators. We’ll catch you up on how each project goes and the style that this episode’s couple chooses. Most excitingly, we’ll be giving you ideas on how you can recreate the look in your very own home.


This week’s programme saw art curator, Elinor and entrepreneur, Born working to create a fully hypoallergenic house. This is to be completed from scratch and (say it with us) on a tight budget and to an even tighter deadline. Unlike many of their predecessors, the couple actually do finish their house in time for Christmas and only go over-budget due to Brexit hiking prices by 6%.

What made Born and Elinor’s project stand out to us was their commitment to keeping finances aside for fully decorating their home complete with art, sculptures and greenery. The end result is a new home that feels finished and in Elinor’s words ‘amazes without being overbearing’.

Interior Style

It is quite tricky to peg the interior design of this project to just one style; Elinor’s eye for aesthetics surpasses your basic Pinterest board search. The home has a moody, masculine base with deep blues in the kitchen, dark beams and a black polished-cement floor, but is balanced through more feminine accessories, nature, art and sculpture. It’s the kind of contrasting design that you want to stare at for days to discover how it has all come together so beautifully.

Grand Designs 2018 - Richmond - Pale Sleigh Bed

Getting the Feminine Industrial Look

Your first stop is the backdrop of your home, which will ideally be either raw or plain to achieve the industrial look. Think exposed brick and pipework and bare wood or cement floors. If you don’t have the will and/or the budget to be ripping plaster off your walls, there are tons of brick-effect wallpapers to recreate the style quickly and cheaply (check out our modern bedroom wallpaper ideas blog for more style inspiration). Alternatively, paint them white or grey and finish your woodwork in black for that masculine feel.

Once you have your moody looking interior, it is time to delicately balance with furnishings. Choose more feminine shades like pale greys and pinks. We particularly love sleigh style designer beds similar to Elinor’s selection in pale smoked oak and a light beige corner sofa finished with dusky rose cushions. The addition that really made this week’s episode shine was plentiful greenery. More is more when it comes to this; it is hard to have too many plants. For a completed look, pick out your chosen shades in artwork selections and reflect indoor florae in natural scenes of flower blossoms, plants and trees.

Round Up

This week we learnt that what makes a home really sing is a balance of both masculine and feminine design aspects. One way to recreate this is with more sombre toned floors and accents and lighter furnishings and art choices. Bring it alive with real plants and greenery for stunning results that will leave your visitors gasping in wonder.

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