Creating a Bathing Haven: Bathroom Ornaments, Lighting & More

Ornaments for Bathroom Windowsills: Towel, Flowers, Toiletries and Mirror

The bathroom may be the smallest room in your home, but as the second most visited location in most houses, styling this area should be at the top of your decorating priority list. With a few simple touches, any bathroom can be turned into a charming nook for getting ready or a chic haven for bath time relaxation.

The practicality of a decorating a room with high moisture levels and little space – especially a family bathroom – may make your choices seem limited. Though, even with minimal surfaces to work with, a few considered updates can make all the difference. Here are our recommendations to get your bathroom looking Elle Décor worthy in no time.

Add Character with Accessories

The only place a bare bathroom is appropriate is in a shared office building and even then, delicate touches still make them more appealing. Your home bathroom should show personality and refinement and you will need decorative pieces to achieve this. 

When deciding on which accents to select, first choose a theme such as monochrome or coastal in line with the overall aesthetic of your home. Then, starting with ornaments for your bathroom windowsill, work outwards adding thoughtful items such as useful storage pots and tasteful trinkets from brands like Churchgate and La Redoute.

Whilst selecting your accessories, keep in mind your bathmat, towels and other fabrics. Carefully matching these in terms of colour and patterns will tie your bathroom styling together and create a finished and complete feel.

Brighten and Illuminate

Your next stop in creating a relaxing environment should always be choosing your light sources. Strip and fluorescent bulbs create a harsh and clinical feel so avoid these wherever possible. Instead choose soft wall lights in warm tones that emit an inviting glow.

For smaller spaces you’ll need to get creative as using certain lamps such as floor standing lights could end up making your bathroom feel cluttered. Backlit mirrors are a multifunctional dream making getting ready easy (no foundation neck lines for you), saving on space and most importantly giving a both modern and classy look.

To create a well illuminated haven, pair cleverly integrated bulbs with well-placed overheads, either in the form of enclosed ceiling bulbs or soft spot lights. Make sure to avoid placing ceiling lights directly above your mirrors, as this will cast shadows on your face and make grooming tricky.

Create Ambiance

Once you have a gently lit, tastefully decorated bathroom, all you need to do is set the mood for ultimate relaxation. This is where only candlelight will do, so in keeping with your theme, add gorgeous coordinated candelabras, tealight holders and heavy church candles.

Ambiance is not just about gentle lighting, it also relies on subtle fragrances too. Air fresheners and plug in perfumers can be overwhelming, which is the opposite of what you want for a relaxing bath after a long day. Moreover, they can be an eyesore in your otherwise stylish and considered bathroom. Opt instead for something like a designer reed diffuser, which looks fabulous whilst giving off a soft and pleasant fragrance perfect for setting the mood.

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